Statement on August 20 2021 Swedish border patrol incident

On August 20 2021 three busses of LGBTIQ+ activists participating in the Copenhagen 2021 WorldPride & EuroGames drove from Copenhagen to Malmø to attend the Refugees, Borders & Immigration Summit under the Copenhagen 2021 Human Rights Forum.  

At the border between Denmark and Sweden Swedish border patrol detained for more than two hours two activists originally from Uganda both having been granted legal asylum status in Germany and both carrying German identification papers accordingly. 

Copenhagen 2021, LGBT+ Denmark, and co-signatories are aware of the challenges and often discriminatory practices that refugees and black and indigenous migrants and migrants of colour experience in cross-border situations. 

Furthermore, Copenhagen 2021, LGBT+ Denmark, and co-signatories are painfully aware of the emotional implications unwarranted detention has on members of the LGBTIQ+ community with refugee status. 

The Malmø team of Copenhagen 2021 is working with Swedish authorities to find out what happened and to ensure that it does not happen again. 

Copenhagen 2021, LGBT+ Denmark and co-signatories call on all European border patrol authorities to review border patrol practices in order to systematically address and prevent instances of unwarranted detention and racial profiling. 

Copenhagen 2021, LGBT+ Denmark and co-signatories call on all European authorities to ensure that the rights of refugees and black and indigenous migrants and migrants of colour are being observed – especially pertaining to freedom of movement within the EU and the Schengen area. 


Signed by

Copenhagen 2021

LGBT+ Denmark


All Out


Fundación AMAL Argentina

Udada Imara, Kenya

Eagle Wings Youth Initiative, Tanzania

LGBT Asylum

Intersex Danmark

Pink Armenia

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