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LGBT+ Denmark is Denmark’s largest and oldest political organisation for homosexuals, bisexuals, trans people and others who breaks with the norms of gender and sexuality. We fight for everyone to be able to live their life in full compliance with their identity through rights, safe communities and social change locally, nationally and globally. 

Since the birth of LGBT+ Denmark in 1948, the LGBT+ movement has been a social as well as political community. That is why we are still a democratic member organisation, largely run by voluntary forces and enthusiasts. Join the community and fight for better conditions – join LGBT+ Denmark! 

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8. September 2021

UN expert: A third of the world’s LGBT+ population live in criminalising communities

19 activists from 13 countries in the global south visited LGBT+ Denmark during World Pride, where they met with UN independent LGBT+ expert, Victor Madrigal-Borloz, and exchanged perspectives on the global LGBT+ fight. Læs mere

2. September 2021

“My existance is political”: Meet 7 courageous activists from the global south

19 activists from 13 different countries visited LGBT+ Denmark in connection with World Pride this year. Each and every one of them represents a fight for rights and opportunities to be who you are in communities where LGBT+ people are heavily marginalized and without protection from the law. Meet 7 of them and their important work here.  Læs mere