LGBT+ Denmark is Denmark's largest and oldest political organisation for homosexuals, bisexuals, trans people and others who breaks with the norms of gender and sexuality. We fight for everyone to be able to live their life in full compliance with their identity through rights, safe communities and social change - locally, nationally and globally. 

Since the birth of LGBT+ Denmark in 1948, the LGBT+ movement has been a social as well as political community. That is why we are still a democratic member organisation, largely run by voluntary forces and enthusiasts. Join the community and fight for better conditions – join LGBT+ Denmark! 


21. August 2023

Denmark opens up to legal gender change for minors

The Danish CPR administration announced on August 11th, that in certain situations, transgender individuals under the age of 18 must be granted the opportunity to change their legal gender. This decision, as per the CPR Administration, is rooted in "Denmark's international obligations". LGBT+ Denmark encourages all families with youths who want to change their legal gender to apply. It may be easier to get if you already receive gender affirming care, but it is not a requirement. Læs mere

20. June 2023

Midsummer celebrations across Denmark mark 75th anniversary for world’s second oldest LGBT+ organisation

Internationally it’s a bit of an outlier, that Denmark has had one association at the center of the LGBT+ movement for eight decades. LGBT+ Denmark was founded in 1948 and in the 75 years since, Danish gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people have achieved remarkable political victories. The anniversary is celebrated with a big party in Copenhagen and smaller events, e.g. on Lolland-Falster. In the autumn, a cultural celebration will follow in collaboration with both large and small cultural institutions across the country. Læs mere

5. April 2023

Project managers for LGBT+ Denmark’s international work

LGBT+ Denmark is looking for two new members of our international team, who will be responsible for the development and project management of international partnership projects, which are implemented in close collaboration with LGBT+ organizations, groups and activists in East Africa, Southwest Asia, North Africa, Eastern Europe and the Caucasus. Læs mere

2. February 2023

The LGBT+ Counselling in Aarhus & Aalborg is seeking new counsellors

The LGBT+ counselling in Aarhus and Aalborg is looking for more committed counsellors to start in the spring of 2023. Our core task in the consultancy is to support and help LGBT+ people and their families, friends and relatives with all the questions they may have. Læs mere