Antipatriarchy Identity Workshop

27. maj, 2022 – 27. maj, 2022

LGBT+ Danmark
Vestergade 18E, 2. sal
1456 København K
LGBT+ Danmark
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Come and join our 3 days workshop to explore your identity in connection to patriarchal systems.

About the workshop:
The antipatriarchy identity workshop is a 3-days workshop for people especially targeted by patriarchal systems, to come together and connect our realities and experiences on an intellectual and emotional level.
The workshop aims to strengthen self-esteem and self-capacity to challenge patriarchal norms and understand the impact of patriarchy on our identities and personal, professional, activist, and emotional paths.

- Date: From Friday the 27/05/22 to Sunday the 29/05/22, full days. You must be available for all three days to participate.
- Location: Physically, at LGBT+ Denmark’s office, Vestergade 18E, 1456 Copenhagen
- Free for all. All your food (breakfast, lunch and snacks) is covered. Additionally, we will cover transportation and accommodation when needed.
- Language: English.

Register through the following link:
The deadline to register is 20/05/22.

For who:
The workshop is specifically designed for people who are especially targeted by patriarchal systems because of their gender identity (Women, trans and non-binary people). As the workshop is built in connection with the Global Queer Volunteers program, priority will be given to queer women, non-binary and trans people, people of color, and migrants (especially non-danish speakers, refugees and asylum seekers).

There is access to LGBT+ Denmark's premises via stairlift and a spacious elevator. There is level access or ramps to all rooms. There is a handicap toilet (without a lift, we will get that soon). We have a nursery for babies and toys for kids.

If you are interested in joining, please fill out the form. We will confirm your participation by email in the days following your registration.

If you have any questions regarding the training or accessibility, please contact Pauline, [email protected]