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LGBT+ Denmark regularly gives presentations on topics related to norms, gender, sexuality and identity. We are getting more and more inquiries about competence development and knowledge dissemination in the LGBT+ area, which is why we also have experience with the subject in a wide range of sectors – from primary schools and health care to defence and private business. 

Examples of topics we have presented in the past:

  • Danish LGBT+ history: A broad overview of Danish LGBT+ historyrights and the ongoing struggle 
  • LGBT+ perspectives in primary schools: How to work norm critically with LGBT+ inclusion in school? 
  • LGBT+ people in the global south: The challenges, the laws and LGBT+ Denmark’s work 
  • Barriers and support for young trans peopleUpskilling proposals on support for young trans and nonbinary peoplegender graduates and their families in the municipal context 
  • LGBT+ competences in counselling services: Knowledge and methods to make counselling practices better suited to dealing with LGBT+ citizens