Legal counselling

Are you in a legal dilemma that requires an impartial perspective ?

LGBT+ Denmark’s counselling has a special legal team that can help you with legal matters. The team consists of law students and lawyers with experience in the legal issues associated with life as an LGBT+ person.

The practicalities

Write us at  [email protected]

We reply by Email during opening hours, but during busy periods it can be more than a week before you receive an answer. You can also call or visit us at LGBT+ Denmark’s premises in Copenhagen.


Vestergade 18E, 4th floor, 1456 København K
e-mail [email protected]
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We know your rights

LGBT+ people can sometimes find themselves in unique legal situations. The reason for this, is that LGBT+ legislation about matters such as parenthood and trans rights are regularly changed. Therefore, it can be difficult as a private individual to always fully understand your own rights.

The following are examples of topics and questions that our legal team has helped with in the past.

  • Discrimination and hate crimes
    What do I do if I’m harassed at work? What are my opportunities to report discrimination? How do I report a hate crime?
  • Parenthood 
    Can I avoid giving up the name of my child’s father? What rights do I have as a co-mother? Can I adopt my partner’s child? Do I have the same opportunity to adopt as heterosexuals? What are the possibilities for surrogacy in Denmark? What should I be aware of when I become pregnant by insemination?
  • Marriage and cohabitation
    How do we best secure each other as cohabitants? Can my foreign partner stay in Denmark? Who inherits what from me, if I’m not married or registered? How do I transform my registered partnership into marriage? How do I divorce my spouse?
  • Legal gender
    How do I apply for legal gender reassignment? What are my name change options?