About LGBT+ Denmark's counselling service

We are a volunteer peer-to-peer counselling

Our counselling is a free service for anyone who has questions related to being an LGBT+ person. It can be questions about gender, body or sexuality, for example, but it can also be about identity, relationships, communities and much more.

We are a peer-to-peer counselling, which means that our counsellors have lived experience with issues around sexuality, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression. We therefore meet our users on the basis that we share some of the same life experiences. We also call this queer-to-peer support.

Read more about our values and methods here

Our counsellors are all volunteers between the ages of 20 and 65, and come with many different backgrounds and experiences. What they all have in common is that they are ready to support you based on exactly what you need to talk about. All of our counsellors undergo thorough training, continuous upskilling and receive supervision.

We have branches in Aarhus, Aalborg and Copenhagen, and here you can get hold of us either by telephone, in writing or at a meeting. Our counsellors can help you with most topics related to being an LGBT+ person, and we are ready to help you, whatever you need for advice, sparring or just a pair of listening ears.

You also have the opportunity to get professional feedback from our professional consultants if you are a professional and meet LGBT+ people in your work

Our counselling is confidential

We are a confidential and not an anonymous consultancy. This means that in some cases we will be able to see who you are.

When you book an appointment with us, we can see the name and email address you enter. You are welcome to use exactly the name you want. We ask for your email address so that we can contact you if we need to cancel or change the booked time. If you contact us by phone, we cannot see the number you are calling from. If you contact us by email, we can see the email address you use, just like when you book an appointment. You can of course always write from an anonymous email address.

All counsellorrs and employees associated with the consultancy are subject to a duty of confidentiality. This means that everything you talk to the counsellor about will not be shared outside the session. However, we may have to disregard the duty of confidentiality if we suspect personal risks. If you e.g. tells us that you have plans to attempt suicide, that you are a victim of domestic violence as a minor, or if you tell us about a planned hate crime, our counsellors will be subject to a duty to inform or prevent and therefore be obliged to contact the authorities.

In addition we are a member of the association RådgivningsDanmarks, and follow their general regulations for counselling, which you can read more about here

We take good care of your data

We know that many of our users can be nervous about sharing information about their lives – even if it is confidential, for fear of being “outed” involuntarily. We fully understand this, and we therefore do our best to take very good care of your data.

We delete e-mails after the end of counselling, and only save individual e-mails in completely anonymized form for use in internal education. All other correspondence and information given in calls will be deleted after 12 months. You can always contact us and have your data deleted sooner. If you want this, you can write to the professional manager of the consultancy, Silvia Miglioranza, at

We always want to hear your opinion

We are constantly working to make our counselling service better, and we always want to hear about your experience. You can do this completely anonymously by filling out this form.

If you have had a bad experience with our counselling service, we encourage you to tell us about it immediately. Then we have the opportunity to take the necessary steps for change, so  even more people can benefit from our counselling service.

If you have tried to start a dialogue with us, but do not experience any improvements, you are of course welcome to complain. You can complain about your experience in connection with the counselling, but not about opening hours and practical conditions.

Read how to file a complaint

Counselling in Aalborg

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Counselling in Aarhus

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Counselling in Copenhagen

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