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Companies have a lot to gain by promoting inclusion of LGBT+ people in the workplace. Employees increasingly demand that companies work proactively on their inclusion policies, and companies will find that efforts only increase their ability to attract talent.
Become a business member with LGBT+ Denmark and get upskilled on LGBT+ issues. A membership grants access to LGBT+ Denmarks business network, talks and counseling, as well as two yearly events focusing on for instance inclusion, staff policies, recruitment and legislation.

On the path to inclusive workplaces

Even though Denmark is in many ways a first mover on LGBT+ issues, research shows that there are still extensive challenges in the Danish labour market. We spend most of our waking hours at work, and that’s why our workplaces play a critical role in providing a good and inclusive framework for everyone, no matter their gender, gender identity or sexual orientation. A report by Boston Consulting Group and LGBT+ Denmark (2023) concludes that 81% of the LGBT+ respondents have experienced or witnessed discrimination at their workplace within the last two years – with a subsequent significant negative impact on the employee’s wellbeing. However, we also know that there are effective measures your company can implement to help bring down this sad statistic. In this way you can help lay down the path to inclusive workplaces.

Today the employer has both preventative and active duties to ensure the rights of LGBT+ people when they are at work. Amongst other things the employer has to ensure that their employees won’t be subjected to discrimination based on their gender identity, gender expression, gender characteristics or sexual orientation.

The report “The wellbeing of LGBT people at work” (Als Research, 2019) shows that many still fear being open about their identity, don’t want to disclose the name of their partner, or share with their colleagues that they are transgender.

We know that being open about one’s identity is a protective factor against stress and depression, and generally ensures greater wellbeing. At work it is often insecurity about the reaction from colleagues and management that keep LGBT+ people from being open. At LGBT+ Denmark we want to help create the inclusive framework that makes it possible. And here your company can make a great difference for your employees by creating an inclusive workplace.

Why get a business membership?

With a business membership your company will get both specific support and sparring on for instance developing staff policies, a toolbox for the inclusive colleague, or help with any other challenges you might have. LGBT+ Denmark’s counseling with business members is founded on extensive experience in educating and sparring with companies who wish to increase employee wellbeing, and signal to potential candidates that they are an attractive workplace.

You will also have the opportunity to join our business network, where you will meet both companies who have just taken their first steps towards increasing wellbeing for their LGBT+ employees, and companies who already work extensively with LGBT+ issues.

As a business member of LGBT+ Denmark you also send a clear signal to collaborators, clients and employees that your company supports equal rights, wellbeing and work enjoyment for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and sexual orientation. With a membership you also support LGBT+ Denmark’s work with wellbeing and equal rights on all levels of society. You can read our political program here.

With a business membership you get access to:
  • An intital meeting or talk about LGBT+ inclusion at work, or another LGBT+ relevant topic of your choice.
  • Two annual network meetings with talks from experts and sparring with other companies.
  • Phone hotline for direct advice if you have questions or are in need of counseling
  • A special newsletter for companies with relevant news and advice for working with inclusion, equity and diversity

Become a business member of LGBT+ Denmark