LGBT+ Denmark has since 1948 fought for rights and better conditions for LGBT+ people through its political work. We are continuously in dialogue with politicians and parties within parliament and in the regions and municipalities to ensure equality regardless of gender and sexual orientation.  

Our political work

LGBT+ Denmark’s political strategy is party politically independent and is decided in collaboration between the board, the secretariat, the organisation’s political committees as well as the organisations members through open meetings. The political programme is approved at the annual general assembly. 

We work judicially through a norm critical, solidary, and intersectional principle for social and cultural change.  

The fight for LGBT+ rights goes across ministries and political fields. These include:  

The civil society is vital to the LGBT+ movement in Denmark. With very few resources LGBT+ Denmark and other organisations have ensured political and social change throughout the years. Therefore LGBT+  Denmark advocates for steady funding to LGBT+ organisations and to secure representation of these organisations in relevant public committees and boards. 

About half of all LGBT+ people in Denmark are not as open about their identity as they wish to be. LGBT+ Denmark works for a labour market where everyone feels safe and included, regardless of their identity. We work for protective legislationsregular research on the wellbeing of LGBT+ employees, as well as public funded skill improvement programmes for HR departments.  

Too many children and young people experience bullying and stigmatization in the school system with oppressive gender norms still heavily affecting their wellbeing. LGBT+ Denmark seeks to ensure LGBT+ competencies among teachers and staff, annual measurement of the wellbeing among LGBT+ pupils, and updated curricula to include gender norms among other concrete political aims.  

Though we’ve seen significant improvement in legislations regarding reproductive rights for LGBT+ people, there are still numerous challenges and inequalities that LGBT+ Denmark seeks to better. This includes the right to register more than two legal parents, right to double donation, as well as the right to register a transgender parent in accordance with their gender identity.

There are still vast challenges ahead in regards to LGBT+ rights around the world. LGBT+ Denmark fights for LGBT+ rights to be an integrated part of the Danish government’s diplomatic strategy as well as for additional and earmarked funding to LGBT+ organisations in the global south among other aims.  

LGBT+ Danmark work towards legal gender recognition without lower age limit so that every child can meet the school system and public society with  their true gender identity. We wish a neutral non-gendered name register as well as a non-gendered personal identification number among other political aims. 

Social isolation, loneliness, and marginalisation are continuously alarming tendencies among LGBT+ people. Therefore LGBT+ Denmark works towards a social sector better equipped working with sexual and gender minorities. This also includes better fundamental knowledge through research on social struggles among LGBT+ people.  

Denmark needs a revised anti-discrimination law that includes a broader spectrum of hate crimes and discriminatory actions in terms of sexual and gender identity among other identity parameters. Therefore we work for a number of new legislations to ensure the safety of LGBT+ people. 

Statistics regarding health among LGBT+ people in Denmark show the disheartening truth about the wellbeing of sexual and gender minorities in the country. LGBT+ Denmark works towards several political aims made to ensure better gender confirming treatment for transgender and nonbinary people as well as LGBT+ competencies among health professionals.