LGBT+ Library

Join LGBT+ Denmark and access the largest LGBT+ library in the Nordic region with almost 5,000 titles: novels, biographies, poems, art books, scientific literature, old and new magazines plus much more.

The LGBT+ Library is the country’s only library dedicated to literature on LGBT+ life. From the earliest Danish and foreign works with LGBT+ accounts to the latest publications, including a rich selection of youth books and books on rainbow families for both children and their parents. 

The library’s unique book collection testifies to both Danish and international LGBT+ history, culture and knowledge from historical time to the present day; about the struggles and victories, the tragedies and the love.   

You can borrow books or sit in the library’s cozy sofa corner with an art book or one of the international LGBT+ magazines, and if you need to research the fight for rights and equality, you can immerse yourself in the library’s complete collection of magazines such as Vennen, Pan/Pan-Bladet, Garlic Press, eos and several more. 

During opening hours, library volunteers are always present and help with loans or recommendations. 

To borrow from the LGBT+ Library, you must be a member of LGBT+ Denmark. Read everything about membership here. 

Search the LGBT+ Library Catalogue

For an overview of all library titles, see the online library LibraryThing. You can search for author, title, and subject. You can pick up the loan copy from the library during business hours. At LibraryThing you can also find the library’s own book reviews and recommendations and get inspired for your next literary experience.

Do you wish to donate material?

If you are thinning out the book collection, or you’ve just been traveling and have taken various magazines or the like from the local LGBT+ community home – think of us before you throw anything out! If you wish to donate material to the library, please write to us at    

Follow us on social media

On the LGBT+ Library’s Facebook page, you can follow everything that happens in the library – from news, events, new book reviews and great recommendations. Here you can also communicate directly with the volunteer group 

Also follow the library’s Instagram profile. 

The history of the LGBT+ Library

The LGBT+ Library was started and run by volunteers and has been since its first opening day in 1983. The initiator was historian Wilhelm von Rosen, who had a wish to collect, preserve and make available material that illuminates homosexual culture in the past and present.  

From being a single cabinet with books that members had donated to the association over the years, the library quickly grew into a popular gathering point for the entire community with book café, events and reading room 

In 1988, LGBT+ Denmark received the LibrariansAssociation’s Døssing Prize for the library’s work focusing on gays and lesbians in public libraries 

In 1994, the Support Association for the LGBT+ Library (SBIBL) was established and has since worked to preserve the library’s materials and helped with the purchase of new titles. Read more about the Support Association and its many interesting book lists on SBIBL’s website. 

Become a volunteer

Would you like to join the volunteer group that handles the LGBT+ Library? Write to , tell us a few words about who you are, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You can read all about volunteering under LGBT+ Denmark on the volunteer page here.