General regulations for the counselling service

Below follows the trade association RådgivningsDanmark’s general regulations for LGBT+ Denmark’s counselling service.

  1. LGBT+ Denmark’s counselling service
    1.1. LGBT+ Denmark is a democratic member organisation, that works for equal opportunities and well-being for everyone, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.
    1.2. LGBT+ Denmark offers counselling regarding questions about sexual orientation, gender identity and legal advice connected to being an LGBT+ person.
  2. Basis for the counselling service
    2.1. LGBT+ Denmark offers counselling on the basis of the information, that LGBT+ Denmark receives from the people (users) that the counselling is regarding.
    2.2. LGBT+ Denmark do not seek additional information about the users.
  3. Providing of the counselling
    3.1. The counselling is provided by volunteer counsellors at LGBT+ Denmark.
    3.2. The counselling is provided as part of LGBT+ Denmark’s work for equal opportunities and well-being for everyone, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation, and is taking place without any fees or receiving of payment from the users.
  4. Responsability of the counsellors
    4.1. The counselling service is provided to the best of our ability, on the foundation of the ethical and methodological principles of our organisation, and of the information that is provided by the user.
    4.2. LGBT+ Denmark is solely responsible for the counselling service, in case of mistakes related to conscious or negligent errors in the counselling from LGBT+ Denmark’s employees or volunteers.
    4.3.  LGBT+ Denmark is under no circumstances responsible for consequiential damages or indirect loss for the user of the provided counselling.
    4.4. Users can only raise claims, in connection with the counselling servive, towards LGBT+ Denmark, and thus, cannot raise claims directly towards employees and volunteers from LGBT+ Denmark.
  5. The counselling service is personal
    5.1. The counselling service is personal for the users of the counselling service
    5.2. The counselling service cannot be used of anyone else but the users, nor people who finde themselves in similar situations as the users.
    5.3. The counselling service cannot be used of the users, as foundation for overturning rights and duties to a third party.
  6. Disagreements
    6.1. Any disagreement regarding the counselling service must be determined by Danish law, except international private law rules of Danish law.