AURA is a free space for young LGBT+ people under 18 years of age. Here you’ll always find inclusivity, no judgement, and a chance to live your true identity – just as you like.

All people need someone to mirror themselves in. This is especially true as a young LGBT+ person. AURA is a community for those who want to meet other young people who also break the norms of gender and/or sexual orientation.

AURA is available in 8 different cities around Denmark – everyone under 18 is welcome and it is completely free! 

Note however that most AURA communities will be primarily in Danish. You can however check with the local volunteer team to hear, if it makes sense for you to participate.  

What do you do for AURA?

AURA are cozy and non-alcoholic events where you meet in AURA’s premises around the country approximately every two weeks. There will always be volunteers present to welcome you, start activities, provide snacks and create a good atmosphere. 

Find your local AURA community

Here you will find links to the different Facebook groups for each city. Here you can communicate directly with the volunteers, see when the next event takes place and find out what it may offer for you! 

Find your local AURA