The LGBT+ Counselling in Aarhus & Aalborg is seeking new counsellors

The LGBT+ Counselling is a peer to peer offer for everyone who has questions about gender, body or sexuality and would like to talk about is in a confidential space. More people are contacting us and we need new collegues who want to make a difference for a big and diverse audience. The LGBT+ Counselling is part of LGBT+ Denmark and has counselling in both Copenhagen, Aarhus and Aalborg. We are open once a week in each city and council by telefon, mail and physical meetings.

We offer
  • A voluntearjob where you make a difference for LGBT+ people and their relatives
  • A solid education in LGBT+ related counselling over two weekends in april 2023
  • A thorough training at shifts with experiences collegues
  • Ongoing supervision and upskilling at local and common upskilling courses
  • A yearly weekend for all three counselling departments with a combined social and professional focus
  • A unique community here we take care of eachother

Our local teams consist of 10 counsellors and we are approx. 3-4 counsellors in a shift together. We aim to have a wide representation of counsellors with different backgrounds, ages and experience. We value a good work environment where we feel safe learning from eachother. Therefore we prioritize the community in the team highly through social gathering and team meetings.

We are seeking you who
  • Is open about your own understanding of your gender- and sexuality
  • Is interested in learning more about the lgbt+ community
  • Is caring, good at listening and has the energy to meet people where they are
  • Maybe have experiences or understanding of the trans area
  • Maybe have experience with counselling or working with gender, body and sexuality in another context
  • Can participate in two educational weekends on the 22nd og 23rd + 29th and 30th of april in Copenhagen (transport and stay will be paid)

The counselling is open from 18-20 on Mondays in Aalborg and Thursdays in Aarhus.
In Aalborg we are located in Jernbanegade 14 togethe with headspace and Checkpoint and in Aarhus we are part of the LGBT+ House in Vester Alle 8A where we live on the 3rd floor.

You will have approximately 2 shift per month from 17.45-20.30. Furthermore we expect your to participate in supevisions 4 times a year, a team meeting each 2-3 month and ongoing upskillings.


If you are interested in becoming part of the team send a motivated application (max 1 page) to programleder, Silvia Miglioranza at [email protected]

Deadline: Sunday the 26th of February 2023
We are having interviews on the 1st and 2nd of March 2023.

You are also welcome to contact programleder Silvia Miglioranza at [email protected] or 54 30 00 01 if you have any questions. You can also send a text and we will call you back.