LGBT+ counselling in Aalborg

The department in Aalborg opened in the spring of 2021, and we are very excited to provide local support and counselling to LGBT+ people and their close ones in Northern Jutland.

We are based in cozy premises at Headspace at Jernbanegade 14 in the center of Aalborg, where Checkpoint is also based. We are a team of around 10 counsellors who all work voluntarily.

We strive to have as broad a representation of queer people as possible, ranging widely in age, experience, background and professions. With our local knowledge, we can advise on offers, networks and activities in Northern Jutland. We also have counselling in Aarhus if you come from other areas in Jutland.


Jernbanegade 14
9000 Aalborg
Phone: + 45 33 13 19 48
Write to us via secure mail

Every Monday between 18:00-20:00

Book an in-person counselling session

During our opening hours, it is possible to come in for a in-person conversation with a counsellor. /bookings/">To book a meeting, go to our booking portal here.

You are welcome to come more than one person, if you want to bring your partner or parents, for example.

How to find our counselling service in Aalborg

We are located at Jernbanegade 14, same as Headspace and Checkpoint. You will be able to see our name on the windows and on the front door. From Jernbanegade, enter through the iron gate (which is open during opening hours) and turn right. Here there is a glass door that you can enter through. Here you can go up a flight of stairs or use the lift (see below regarding availability). After this, there will be another door that you must enter. You will now be at the reception, where a counsellor will welcome you.