Our department in Aarhus has existed since 1976, where we have helped LGBT+ people, their family and loved ones with all the questions they may have related to being or living as an LGBT+ person.

We are based at LGBT+ Denmark’s local office in Aarhus together with Sabaah, centrally located in Aarhus at Frederiksgade 48B, and we are a team of around 10 permanent counsellors who all work voluntarily.

We strive to have as broad a representation of queer people as possible, ranging widely in age, experience, background and professions. We have a large network and know about many of the activities and associations that take place in Jutland – from east to west and south to north. We can also recommend counseling in Aalborg if you come from Northerth Jutland.


LGBT+ Danmark / Sabaah
Frederiksgade 48B, 1. mf.
8000 Aarhus C
Phone: +45 33 13 19 48

Thursdays 18:00-20:00

Book in-person counselling

During our opening hours, it is possible to come in for a in-person meeting with a counsellor. To book a meeting, you must go to our booking portal (link to booking).

How to find counseling in Aarhus

We are based in Frederiksgade 48b together with Sabaah. You can either enter directly from Frederiksgade. Here you have to take the door directly to the right of Shawarma House, then there is a short walk into a backyard. When you reach the end, turn right and go into the hallway where it says 48b on the door. It is also possible to walk through the yard, which is open when coming from Bødker Balles Gård. You then have to go through two yards to get to our entrance. When you come up the stairs in the entrance to the 1st floor, you must knock on the door in the middle, and a counsellor will come and greet you.


There are quite a few differences in level in the yard and a staircase from the yard up to our premises. Unfortunately, there is no lift or similar up to the premises.